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Individual Therapy

My practice is devoted to creating a reflective space where individuals make fuller contact with who they are and actively stretch beyond the limits of what they can do alone. The changes my patients seek to make vary widely yet typically involve several levels. Improvements are often sought with respect to painful thoughts, feelings, actions, and inactions. For some, these are familiar and longstanding burdens that one carries; for others, these involve unsettling experiences of oneself that have only recently emerged. Sometimes help is needed to sort out a complex situation that is pulling someone in different directions at the same time. My patients often struggle with less obvious yet longstanding patterns in their experience that don’t lend themselves so easily to words yet constrict their experience of living. These include aspects of yourself that you may want to change but that you are also very attached to because they have long been a meaningful part of who you are. I am committed to cultivating a thoughtful and respectful atmosphere in which we make space for various aspects of you to emerge, and to use this ongoing contact with your inner life to deepen understanding and foster a healthier relationship towards yourself that serves as a foundation for healing, growth, and the achievement of a more meaningful and fulfilling life.